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Activate SIM card

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Why is it such a hassle to activate a SIM card ?

This web site is like going around in square circles!

Lousy service.


Mayor / Maire

Hi @Alan1376 

are you activating new line or replacing sim card on your exitsting account?

For activation, eaiset is to use app to activate.  If you use the Web, you can click Subsribe online when you see the plan

if replace sim card existing account, you will need to login My Account and go to profile to change sim card

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Alan1376 it's actually not lousy at all.  Public is self serve and those that have difficulty may not be the most tech savvy.  It will require some patience and learning to manage your account online.  It's not for everyone but worth the savings and extras provided.  😊

Mayor / Maire


It is pretty straightforward for most of us. The new app makes it a lot quicker and easier. Just create a Eversafe ID and pick a subscription then follow the prompts.



The website is finicky.  Try a different web browser, clear cache or incognito mode. You can try a different device (PC or labtop).  

You can also download App to activate account.  The $15 and $25 plan is only available for activation via the App.  The rest of the plans can be activated via browser or App. 

Mayor / Maire

@Alan1376  You have to down load the new PM app to activate now , can’t do it in browser anymore 

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