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Accessing my account

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Do I need my number to transfer over before I get a 6 digit confirmation code to get full access to my account?


HI @Hezekiah 

look like your sim is working?

but you got the porting done yet?  I will send you a number to call the porting support team to get the update.  Once that is done, you will receive the code.  Check your community inbox for the number

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I can use my plan

i didn’t get a msg from my old provider

when I try to login to my account it just asks to confirm number and it says it sends a code to mh number but I don’t get it

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

This is what I get, and I don’t receive a text code


Mayor / Maire

Hi @Hezekiah 

When you sign up for Public Mobile, you get a temporary phone number. Then you'll be given the chance to port over your number from another provider if you choose to do so. Once you sign up and get this temporary number, you will have immediate access to your account.  The 6 digit code usually goes to your phone but you can have it sent to your mail to start off with then have it sent to your number or new ported number in the future. This is how you send it to your mail for now if this helps.

Can’t get the 6 digit 2FA code to your phone?

First, sign into your account at and use the email you signed up with and the password. If it asks you for a 6 digit code, it will say at the top left CONFIRM YOUR IDENTITY.- Enter the 6- digit code sent to *********.  But it’s not working!!! As you see by the screenshot below, 1. Click the This is a trusted device. 2. Didn’t get the code? Click on that.


Then, the next window that pops up is this.


Click on Send email. Here it will send you the 6 digit code to the email you registered with. This step is very important. Do not just copy and paste. Enter each digit using your keypad.

You should now be able to get into your account.

Created by Chalupa Batman


@Hezekiah generally you dont have to

But you can make outgoing calls on your PM sim card yet?

For porting, you got a text from your old provider and have you replied YES yet??

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