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A friend and fellow PublicM customer can't have the secondary verification sent to him

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

My friend, who is a Public Mobile Customer I referred, writes: I went traveling for 6 months and changed my account to the most basic plan available just to keep my cell number. I was under the impression I would be able to receive international texts but discovered I couldn't and have been locked out of my Apple account because I can't receive the necessary secondary confirmation to my cell number. I'm home in Canada now and would like to upgrade my plan to something with data and phone, but can't sign into my public mobile account with out the secondary confirmation being sent to my number which isn't receiving messages at this time. What can I do? thank you.


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Is he in the USA or another country where there is 'No Service'?

In Places like Mexico and Cuba, Public Mobile won't even work for incoming text messages.



he should be able to receive the 2FA code via email still

On the screen it is expecting you to enter the code, click Didn't get the code? or  Resend code and then choose Send email

If Send email still not an option, ask him to try these workarounds 


  1. Reset your password to self service account. Once reset, sign in again with new password. Might be able to receive 2FA via email instead to gain access.
    (!!!You will need to click Resend Code and then Send email to trigger the 2FA to email)
  2. Potential workaround (for some): If you don't have access to SMS OTP, try entering an incorrect OTP code 4 times. For some individuals, this is giving the option of an email instead.

If none of those workarounds helps,  ask him to open ticket with support by direct message here:



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Ok I'll pass it on. Thank you!

Mayor / Maire

He can first try having the Public sim in a phone and dialing 611 to see what it has to say. Or from another phone dial 1-855-4pu-blic and enter his number and see what it has to say.
If it says suspended then he can make a payment. He can buy vouchers or use the real time payment method.

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