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5G 50GB FOR $34/MO

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi, does this plan that includes Canada-US roaming, include roaming for data while you are in the US and voice calling out to a US/Canadian number while you are in the US without roaming charges? Or just calling to US while you are in Canada without long distances fees.


hi @CherylW 

Voice over LTE

  Yes, iPhone are in the list . iPhone 8 and above. Make sure your iOS is updated 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

What is a VoLTE phone? Are iPhones this? 

Mayor / Maire


Yes, the plan works in both countries without the need to purchase a Roaming Add-on. Just remember to connect to AT&T or T-Mobile network and enable VoLTE.

Mayor / Maire

Yes to all. Full services in both Canada and the US, and ability to call both from either country.

For it to work you need to enable data roaming on your phone, set preferred network to 4G (as AT&T 5G doesn't work), and ensure you're connected to either AT&T or T-Mobile (not Verizon).

Also for phone calls to work you need a VoLTE phone, as the US shut their 3G networks down:

Mayor / Maire

@carwong   It works the same in both countries and between both countries, as if it is all one, once you've paid for the plan there are no roaming charges.  The only  hang-up might be if your phone is not VoLTE capable and enabled in which case voice calls can be a problem in the USA because there is  no longer any 3G there.  You will probably also find the service more reliable if you connect on 4G/LTE instead of 5G.

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