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$44 plan ($39 90d) data amount

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

With the $44/month plan , is it 30Gig/month as long as you're on that plan? Or does it revert back to 15Gig only after 3 months?



@Franco31    PM had plans for $30 (3G) and couple of 4G plans for $35 and $37 but those were removed with the recent account updates, however, the current offer (until Jun. 14th) of 30GB for $39/cycle for 90 days or $44/30 days is the cheapest offers for now.  edit:  cheapest outside of 3G plans.

They might opt to bring back some plans for $30+ anytime (or not) so keep checking either on the community or the Subscriptions in My Account or PM's Shop/plans page on the website which may, or not, show a complete list of available plans.

@Franco31 wrote:

We need a $35 plan asap !


@Franco31 - are you an existing customer? If so, log into My Account and go to change your subscription, and choose Change Plan Now. Note there is not prorating what is already paid in this current cycle.

If you are not a customer yet. Obtain a SIM Card (quickest would be at corporate telus or koodo stores), then download the Public app and subscribe to a plan.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

We need a $35 plan asap !



@DrZone Yes, the 30Gb is a limited time offers but not a limited time pricing or bonus.  You get to keep the $44 for 30GB as long as you stay with the plan

and changing plan won't affect rewards system.  You will get to stay on the legacy rewards and keep your loyalty and autopay rewards

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@DrZone Yes, you get it forever assuming you don't change plans. 

@DrZone  No you get to keep your old rewards I can confirm check it out 



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


Is this plan based on points.


"Earn $2.20/month in points value with our Public Points"

Currently I'm on the old rewards system.

Mayor / Maire

@DrZone  It’s good for long as you don’t change your plan . I’m on the $39for 20GB and just changed mine for next renewal but choose it for the 90 day cycle and then it’s still only $39 for 10GB more .. it’s a no brainer to me 


The plan includes 30GB permanently.  I don't really see it as a bonus.

@DrZone "The Fine Print"

"Bonus data will renew each subscription renewal unless you cancel or change your rate plan."

30GB per 30 days as per below terms.



edit, to comment on your subject line, it is $39 per 30 days (not 90 days).


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Is it for 30Gig ? Or is the 15+15 a special then reverts back to 15 only?

Mayor / Maire


You can change the plans anytime but remember to renew on the next renewal date so you don’t pay for the existing plan and the new plan.

The plan with remain and won’t change unless you change to another plan.

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