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$40 for 75GB ???

Mayor / Maire

I see this plan advertised on their website, but cannot see it in self service at the moment as an option. Does anyone else see/not see this plan in self service?



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I am in AB and have same issue with 75GB at $40/mo.

Each time when I log in my both accounts, I see different offers that disappears so fast from one day to another like somebody at PM keep changing them all the time. I’ve subscribed for 60GB at $40/mo.  at the renewal than canceled to get this 75Gb at $40 and after clicking the change subscription 60GB at $ disappeared as well. My mistake did not click  on it to be redirected to second page.

Never seen these games with other Carriers and wondering why here. These happens lately at PM; I am with them with different numbers almost since they came on market. Was nothing like that.  

I think they are trying to give us us grey hair. 

I am not in BC and I have exactly what you have.

Except,  when I sign in, the offer is there however  does not mention new activations. 

I sign in with my phone on the website,  no app. Maybe that might be why??

@FlutteringBy  Same as for me in NS dosent say new activations either 



HI @FlutteringBy 

click on the $40 plan and you see the full plan details and it will show it is new activation only

(if you clicked on the plan, it will open the link I sent you:

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

And this is what I see for my BC listing, no mention of new activations' they really know what's going on??...



Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

The BC web page is also showing $50/100GB with NO mention of for New Activation only...

Another screenshot.....😊...

I'm not on Bc and the main page does not state new activations. 

When I sign it, the plan is here but it still does not states nothing about who can get it.

It's like going to the supermarket and 2 prices, posted for the same product. They have to honor the lower price, so if you want it I would send a message and escalate if you have to.

Yup. I'm in BC and that's exactly what I see as well. No mention of new activations only.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

The BC web page Boxing week special - $40/75GB has no mention for new activation's only....but it's also not showing in my possible account changes...

I grabbed a screen shot...

Mayor / Maire

I tried to move a couple people to this because I didn't see the new activations only notation on the main page. Too bad. They also have a $29/30GB plan that wasn't there this morning either.

@Chalupa_Batman wrote:

No need to contact a CS Agent @hTideGnow 


Says it loud and clear in writting.

As you've noticed, it's not all that clear since it's not stated on the main plan page.  This is inconsisent with the advertising of the other plans that are only available to new customers.  When it doesn't say new activations only in the same manner on that page compared to the other new customer offers, the reasonable expectation of existing customers would be that the plan should be availiable to anyone.

Mayor / Maire

Tempting for sure!!

But do you really need it?

Have to weigh the costs and needs/ wants.  For me it would be like biting and apple taking a bite and throwing out the rest.

Do something with the 25 and 15 dollars plans then you talking my language!!

@hTideGnow wrote:

HI @Chalupa_Batman 

not loud on the page I read

@hTideGnow , and that’s why Customers stay confused 😔 

No need to contact a CS Agent @hTideGnow 


Says it loud and clear in writting.

Mayor / Maire

@JoyLuck  I think in the next half hour we will see it in our accounts these plans just all changed even the 30GB for $29 .for new activations how many of those that just got the 4GB for $24 will be wanting to switch to this newest offer now 

@Chalupa_Batman , that explains why I don’t see it when signed into my account on the app either under change subscription when I checked to see if I could see what @JoyLuck can’t!


Thanks for directing me to the second page. Too bad for us current customers.

Mayor / Maire

Hey @JoyLuck 

It's the bait and switch tactic again by Public Mobile.


The "Available for new activations only" on the second page. 

Mayor / Maire

HI @JoyLuck 

i don't see it myself too.  It didn't say new activation only, then I guess we can dip into it if we want

best to ask support agent to change or schedule plan change for us.

 please submit a ticket with CS Agent here:  

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