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$15 limited calling plan with 100 outgoing minutes, we used 51 minutes, ran out outgoing minute?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

We are on the $15 limited calling plan with 100 outgoing minutes. 
Now we just paid our payment as scheduled on August 29 and today she was showing only 9 minutes left out of her 100 minutes.
We found this strange that there were only 9 minutes left after just paying on Aug 29, so today September 1, I went to her usage and calculated from Aug 29 to Sept 1 and her Outgoing minutes and Incoming minutes and I think I calculated both accurately.
The results I got for Outgoing calls were 51 minutes and 48 seconds
The results for the Incoming calls were 50 minutes and 33 seconds. 
So if my calculations are correct, she has not used up her 100 minutes of her outgoing minutes, she only used 51 minutes, yet she was showing earlier today that she had only 9 minutes left out of 100? 
How is that possible?
We did add on the Canada-Wide Talk Booster 500 today and paid for it and hoping this will kick in very soon.
So, if someone can help me understand this that would be great.  


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Hello @Terry_JP , When calculating your outgoing minutes from your call history, were you also including minutes spent calling into voicemail to retrieve messages and calls that terminated with voicemail? Calls into voicemail register as an outgoing call, and unanswered calls that go to voicemail may also be listed in your call history as outgoing (because they technically are call forwarded to the voicemail system). I have included a link below with more information:

Voicemail FAQs:

Hope this helps.


Mayor / Maire

Sounds like you need to clear your cache in your browser to get an accurate read. Try going to settings, clear your cache, close browser and re open. Try logging in again and check. This happens often sadly.

Just a question though. Did she get that $25 offer that folks have been targeted with? If so, you might want to jump on that offer. JMO.

Mayor / Maire

Did you round up each outgoing detail item? A call for 35 seconds would count as a minute. Like say a voicemail call check. A call for a minute and 5 would be 2 minutes.

Mayor / Maire

HI @Terry_JP 

you sure not browser cache problem? try login again using Incognito/Private/Secret mode ,  you might see a different counter number

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