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Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: $10 ready-made plan expiring July 16

Otherwise some new business will be lost to that horseshoe brand.
They are still offering $10 plan and $25 referral credit for both parties.

Lucky Mobile $10 plan is not the same: incoming text count toward 50 texts included, data option is not available, no $2 AutoPay credit, no $1 loyalty every 30 days after one year, $2 after two years, up to $5 after five years.


Public Mobile $10 plan has unlimited incoming texts. $5 for 500 minutes with no expiry date if you go over your 50 minutes, etc.

Re: $10 ready-made plan expiring July 16

There is part of me who says that I don't even blink an eye at this plan disappearing since it doesn't suit my needs.   Another part of me thinks that this could be a missed business opportunity.  The low use market is a unique in that people don't necessarily use this phones but carry them around just in case they need to make a call.  I realize that there are certain ways for such consomers to keep a plan active for less money, such as paying a competior $25 per year to pretty much keep a phone number active. However, these $10 customers, as I said, sometimes rarely, and some almost never use these phones, so there is no strain on network, and it costs Public Mobile practically nothing to keep these customers, meanwhile still collecting a plan fee every 30 days.  And in some months/30 day periods when these customers do have more usage than usual, they would also be more likely to need to purchase add-ons. I do realize that this plan will be grandfathered for existing customers.


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: $10 ready-made plan expiring July 16



But I understand from a business standpoint you're definitely not making enough with a plan like this available. 


Jeez man, at least give us until the end of the month. 

Mayor / Maire

Re: $10 ready-made plan expiring July 16

Well...we'll see what, if anything, they come up with as a possible replacement.

I'm on this plan on my primary account. The "wifes" phone will, coincidentally, be changing to it on that night so we'll see what happens. Already scheduled before this announcement.


How about $5 for the privilege of using the network. Then get add-ons for calling and data and maybe finally adding a standard SMS add-on. $5 for 500 texts. Done. The data's a little pricey but I don't use a lot of it either.


I much prefer the add-on method rather than plan features. I quite liked a pure pay as you go service I once had in the states on a vacation. The mothers in my life both happen to be on the internal Telus $3 pay as you go. But "new" customers can't get into that plan. That might be a little slim for me though. I dunno.


I am one of those people that barely uses the phone. No kids and retired. Not old! But I'm a techy kinda guy and so I like having a little pocket computer with me for when I'm out and about for wifi or some data. Calling a company or texting the spouse a few times is about what I use it for. On the odd occassion I max the 50 texts and minutes. But not very often.


So I'm sorry to see this go. But I remain optimistic that they'll replace it with something else. We'll see.


Anyway...that's my take if anybody cares.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: $10 ready-made plan expiring July 16

Many people used the $10 plan to park their phone number while away.


I wonder if we could use a very base package like the screen capture below to park a phone number while away?




Re: $10 ready-made plan expiring July 16

@Dogbert  that plan is not even purchasble, neither is the 10 day version of it.  you need at least one feature.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: $10 ready-made plan expiring July 16

@pm-smayer97 wrote:

@GinYVR wrote:

@sa7375I think that plan no longer exists as a premade plan.. it has been supplemented by other plans. You can always build your own though (still there as $20).

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 11.39.01 AM.png was not discontinued...just no longer presented as a pre-made plan but rather as a regular base plan. Still good in the end but you have to look for it.


That said, if all you want is talk and you know you will not go over 1050 mins/month, the $10 plan + 2 x 500min add-on gives you a much better deal for the same price, because unused minutes carry forward. (Of course this is time limited now and is going away...we shall see if it gets replaced with something better or not).


Or if you want some data, and you know you will not go over 550 mins, getting the $15 plan with one 500 min add-on also might be a better option.


Thank you for this research. Yes, I didn't know that these options exist as you explain and the $20 plan still available albeit in a roundabout way. 



Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: $10 ready-made plan expiring July 16

@wetcoaster wrote:

@sa7375 wrote:


I also don't see the $20 plan any more — the 30 days plan with unlimited Provincial talk. Did I miss an announcement? The snapshot below is from a member of my family who subscribes to this plan.

$20 Plan.jpg


Indeed I had missed it. Thank you for the link to the update.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: $10 ready-made plan expiring July 16

We have only few more hours to get the advantage of one of the best deals in Canada.  

Who will give talk and text for $10?

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: $10 ready-made plan expiring July 16

@Bell3 Lucky?