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Re: Invoices

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why you do remove it my post what is wrong with you ?


Mayor / Maire

um.. @computergeek541 : is there some discussion going on in the background that we aren't privy to?


Edit: ...that this user keeps re-posting a repeat duplicate post for now a third time?

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@J_PM @CS_Agent 

Please why that person ( computergeek541 )   remove my post....??

The post was removed because it was only repeating what others had said many hours earlier.  Thanks for everyone's consideration in trying to avoid such repeitiion.

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@computergeek541 wrote:

The post was removed because it was only repeating what others had said many hours earlier.  Thanks for everyone's considering in trying to avoid such repeitiion.

@computergeek541 @J_PM @CS_Agent 

what are you talking about all member they are just keep repeating in old poster but you to me only doing this and someone from head office have to found out why to me ?


do you want to show you how many member bring old poster and the keep repeating ? do you want to see....

@J_PM , @computergeek541 


Personally , I  agree with the decision to remove posts that are 100% repeat with no new substance.  It is fair to everyone else in the Community.  We cannot keep seeing  people repost other's comment to bump up his/her post numbers


 enough is enough.  we all see it was simply a repeat of what said close to 24 hours ago.  


this same comment was around 24 hours ago:


and even clearer comment to how to open ticket with CSA


I agree there are repeated posts here and there. Within an hour, couple hours are probablyly ok.  But after 12 hours?  isn't that pushing the limit too much?


I raised this issue in my other thread  This is getting out of hand.  I do agree 100% that Oracles can use the power more often, a LOT MORE often,  to remove repeat posts like that or posts that are not acceptable.   You can add more to my  thread  on Forum Etiquette with your comment here:


Community/Forum Etiquette - Community (




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@softech @computergeek541 @J_PM @CS_Agent 

please review all poster to see how is coming to post after one and two day after 


Re: Payment - Community (


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and more and more but no one say anything to them why only to me and all other member Keep give Bravo to other member ( Mayor ) and eachother getting a lot of Bravo for what and where head office to see that going in here and more and more but why is allowed to other member doing anything the like and from me No why ? also @computergeek541 

remove from me accepted as solution more 18 time and see another member when getting no remove it from them why ??


you say enough is enough .. who is be in charge of all this will be see it and check it out to provides the right to all member and respect... big worng in here !!


@Jade_S @CS_Agent 

please someone from head office can explain to community site what is going in here why for someone allowed to do everything and for other not allowed anything ?? we need to know please !! who be in charge of community !!

 @Anonymous : #1 - agreed - well afterwards - but he also added a new very possibly relevant suggestion - and a solution hasn't been chosen yet
#2 - not really very long afterwards
#3 - yeah that's getting a little long
#4 - not really very long afterwards
#5 - that was a discussion thread not a helping customers thread - so, not relevant - it probably doesn't really even need a solution


Yes there are several regulars that add repeating answers. But very few do long after the thread has stopped its activity. Usually from waiting for the OP to come back with any update. Regulars can't reasonably be quite so hard on newer participants unless it seems to be becoming habitual.


The Oracles have been charged with maintaining the forum. It's an impossible, thankless job. Many of the regulars here have had run-ins with them. Myself included. Oh well.


As I have said, I happen to disagree with the removal of repeating posts. But the practice seems to have begun to be exercised recently. So then it needs to be done fairly. Maybe we'll start to see removals of your favourite example. But if something has been added that is possibly relevant and not just everything under the sun then I really don't see a problem. But that's just me.

. "others are wrong as well" won't make your wrongs becomes right or less wrong


Correct yourself and move on.. 


Uh Oh I guess I'm in trouble now for adding to a thread 12 days later......dont all go rush out and find it now.....