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Mayor / Maire


It looks like Rogers is still buying all of Shaw's assets, but they're "divesting" Freedom Mobile from their package.


Rogers is quite a villain. But I can't say I have good feelings about Quebecor ... an emerging telecom whose primary business foundation is "creative and targeted" advertising, marketing, publishing, and consumer telemetrics (ie: adware, spyware, and tracking) ... with ever-lovable former Prime Minister Brian Mulrooney as their de-facto CEO.

Mayor / Maire

@BearFBI    Yes, I read about that too.  Hopefully, they will offer some good deals out west now.  Maybe Telus/PM might have to take notice if that happens.  Lot of ifs though for now, alas!

Mayor / Maire


Wow, I thought Rogers will aquire Shaw and Freedom but it looks like on Freedom was sold.

Wonder what is going to happen with Shaw Mobile?

Will this add more competition for the big 3 to lure customers?