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Pixel 6a

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

really temped to order the pixel 6a when it comes out what do you guys think about it? 

would love to set up auto google assistant call screening, and get rid of those spam voicemails



The google "a" line decent value considering the software support.  I would not get it just to screen calls.  Call screening is whack a mole.  Also, the google assistant can be installed in non google phones.  

Truecaller has limited functionality in Canada. At least for normal consumers. Due to CRTC rules vs "privacy".


But Pixels can run GrapheneOS. An "un-googled" opensource Android which actually outperforms the bloated factory OS.


This Pixel has good specs, good benchmarks, and a good set of hardware features. And Pixel devices are essentially the most compatible, most supported devices on the market. Close behind Galaxy (and iOS) devices. At least Pixels (so far) have longevity, they don't get locked or broken by forced updates a few years down the road.

I think it's overpriced, but I also think most buyers won't regret buying one.

Mayor / Maire


Google 6a is a great Android and great camera for the price. 
You can also install the Truecaller app.