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Support Requests in Order Received

Support Requests in Order Received

One odd thing that Public still seems to be doing is cherry picking.


Too often support requests are NOT actioned in the order they are received.

I have no idea why this is the case but it should not still be happening (esp since they streamlined the system now)


Action requests in the order they are received

Or at least respond if request will take a while to fix




Bravo this is you agree




How do you know they aren't working on them in the order they are received and some just get resolved faster?


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They are just plain slow 


well now that they have more mods things should be faster. but not sure if that is the case.  Just wished the fixed the portal  issues.  If Koodo can have a successful self serve why can't PM?  The old koodo self serve looks alot like teh PM one

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@ShawnC13 I posted another thread about sending messages to mods as 6 of my accounts are boned this month

Some received response and fix in hours

Some take days

Some no responses just crickets (and I re-emailed a second time for same issue just in case)


If just my personal accounts are not being actioned in correct sequence then no way is general public getting correct sequence (and since they streamlined support, there can be no excuses for queue jumping by posting on other social media accounts)


It is not even priority for issues; my most irrelevant issue was fixed second, and the most serious issue is the cricket response



@kav2001c, thanks for posting your experiences just trying to get as much info as I can to try and help out others

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