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Ottawa ON - Gatineau PQ

Ottawa ON - Gatineau PQ

This idea has been posted before (even by myself once) but really needs another look


It seems silly that a call originating in Ottawa & terminates in Gatineau is a LOCAL call, yet those on provincial calling plans are unable to do so


A provincial long distance plan SHOULD cover a LOCAL call, regardless of what area code is


Whether Public makes an exception for those living there or lets anyone in ON dial it (after all with a Province wide long distance plan we can then call Gatineau from ANYWHERE in ON)


This issue needs to be resolved; many people make this daily commute and it sounds really weird repeatedly explaining that on a Province wide plan they can dial a city hundreds of kilometres away but can not place a LOCAL call



Mayor / Maire

I get that...just suggesting a work-around until/if a better solution comes around



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Good Neighbour / Bon Voisin

Hi there,


I am a new costumer. I activated a new phone line 613 but I'm not able to call people in Ottawa having the 819 regional code....please solve this issue. 




Mayor / Maire

@mstit060 for now you need a long distance plan


But bravo the idea & share with all your friends



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