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Bring back old 1GB Plan

Bring back old 1GB Plan

I see that PM found the sweetspot for middle data users. But, there are many others who just need enough data for some occasion like transiting or going on a local trip. It even comes in handy when there is a problem with Wi-Fi. I am sure having as little as 1GB was the option that suited many. I see that PM is targeting user for that awesome $120 plan, but it will not be the choice for many other who don't need that 6GB or 3GB data. I don't see this hurting when you will be targeting light and medium data users. For light data users, they got no choice. There is a big difference between 1GB @ $90 and 3GB @ $111. I do not see the point to just ignore light data users. That 3GB options should not be offered because there is only $9 difference to get extra 3GB so who wouldn't? 


So, i think PM should bring back that $90 / 1GB plan because getting on the plan without data and than adding $30 add-on would be too much. 



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Even a 500MB or 250MB option

The $90 plan was super popular for those that really only wanted data for email and the occasional app


3GB is priced great but is overkill for many users


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I'm lucky enough to have gotten that plan before the new plans.  I think a lot of people are data-dependent and can't live without data because my friends tell me that 0.3gb per month is not a lot, but for me it's great.  I love the competitive pricing, it's great value!

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Most of my family whom is moving to PM within the next little while were all going to go on the $90/1 GB plan because that is all they need/use, but now the next cost efficient plan is almost $30/90 more!!, I will agree it is still a good price, but overkill for them!!

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Absolutely, the 1 GB per 90 days is the ONLY reason I'm with PM now.


On my previous plan I had all the calling and texting I needed, no data. Now with PM I get a bit of data to use when I'm out AND I get all the calling and texting I need.


Previous plan: $30/month, PM: $30/month, but with a bit of data.

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I'll vote +1 for returning the 1GB option. I am one of those users who "really only wanted data for email and the occasional app". Sure, I apparently get my existing 1GB plan grandfathered - but $1/day for adequate cell service was what drew me towards PM (but veni, vidi, velcro: I came, I saw, I stuck around) - but if the option wasn't there I would've likely chosen a competing carrier instead.
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Bringback the 1 GB plan. We weed active plans, not grandfathered plans.

I good deal today should remain a good deal. I want to be able to select what suits my needs at the time.

I also want to bring my family to PM. Just the thought of multiple plans at $40 make me wonder if I should look elsewhere. With WiFi around, I don't want to spend on a plan that is an overkill (and my kids have enough screen time, thank you).

Hi all, I think our favourite plan has gone the way of dinosaurs! There is still hope though:

$90/90 day Alternative

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Yes, unfortunately PM seems to be going after the mid-range data users with a very attractive 6GB plan (2GB/mth equivalent), but seem to have abandoned the entry level data user... Smiley Sad


There have been a number of calls to bring back the 1GB option, and while I would back that, I would also be happy if they just priced the 3GB a little more reasonably, at say $40 instead of $50 (ie $101 for 90 days w/ prov calling and global text). That would put it at $13.33 per GB instead of $16.67, which would still keep the 6B (just under $10 per GB) as attactive but provide a better entry level option.

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yes bring back the 1GB option please.
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Status changed to: Not for us

Hey @NDesai,


Thanks for sharing your idea. We understand that the 90 day/ 1GB was an awesome plan and we kept that in mind when we made the decision to allow members to keep their existing plan. This decision was made for you!


We realize that removing this plan has created a disappointment for those who were referring friends and family to that plan. We are sorry to hear about this. The main reason why we are maintaining our decision to remove the plan is so that we can continue to offer the lower rates for our new plans. Members are saving up to $26 on a 90 day plan as a result of the new rate plans we launched! One of the trade-offs we had to make in order to deliver this was removing the 90 day/ 1GB plan. We hope that you understand.


Public Mobile Community team

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