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Re: Receiving calls from Mexico

@Mossmyster wrote:

No I meant when you call long distance an operator recording usually states that long distance may apply.  Leading into another response that sometimes VPNs are the issue .  That it’s registering you in a different area that you actually are

VPNs have nothing do with phone calls placed over a regular cellular voice network. If the phone (or computer/tablet) is running a VPN that is tricking the website into thinking that the member is in a different region/different country, I can understand that causing problems for watching videos or accessing websites that only available in certain countries.  For this issue, the carrier is insisting that the outgoing phone number doesn't exist. A VPN doesn't cause that, even if the call is going over VoIP.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Receiving calls from Mexico

I have been requested to respond as to whether this was resolved. Unfortunately, I cannot answer in the affirmative, so cannot say that there has been a solution.


Many thanks though for those who tried to help on this issue.


Re: Receiving calls from Mexico

@vicgal wrote:

My friend verified my phone number several times, we reviewed using +1 before the country code which is what I have used all the time using this carrier when calling Canada and the US from Mexico. On initial enquiry with his carrier, he was told that "this number did not exist". I have a relatively new area code "236" - would this impact the message he was given?


In any case, he will call the carrier again. With reduced hours because of Covid-19, and his working, this has been problematic!!



If this is still a problem, then it may be the area code. Others have had issues receiving calls to new area codes.

Here's a workaround: get the app from, or textnow, and select a number with an old area code. Forward calls to your PM number and have your friend call the fongo number.

Alternatively, your friend gets a fongo number and calls you when he has wifi.

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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Receiving calls from Mexico

I'm thinking as well that the new area code is probably the issue.


Thanks for the interesting work-around.


Believe it or not, by friend does not have a smart phone (he is still using the 14 year old Nokia that I gave him), and doesn't want to use his time to get the smart phone working which was also given to him!!


As he hasn't even bothered to download Skype, I will just call him to his landline on Skype!! He's a good enough friend that the 1.1 cent a minute is not a problem... haha





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