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Mayor / Maire

Re: hi


Wait out one hour. Clear your browser. Reboot your device and open one tab only in private/secret/incognito mode using Firefox, chrome, safari or edge work best.


Try again. If it still fails then contact customer support for a "password reset".


See below....

Open in chrome if using regular Google browser.Open in chrome if using regular Google browser.Open in private/secret/ incognito mode.Open in private/secret/ incognito mode.Type in public mobile account login.Type in public mobile account login.

Mayor / Maire

Re: hi

@douellet_90  did you ask your mom to confirm the answer ? ::)



it is possible it was key in wrong in the beginning.  If so, you might want to open a ticket with PM to reset the logon credentials, then you can re-setup the security question.  


Use the Chatbot on the lower right and then start by typing "Forgot Login credentials"

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