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travelling abroad

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello! I need some help!  I am travelling abroad for 6 months and leaving this week. I am going to purchase a pre-paid SIM card for the 6 months that I am away but I'm wondering if I will be able to get my account back to where it was when I come home. Will have the same phone number? and Is it easy to just recommence my plan?

thanks in advance!


Mayor / Maire


What carrier are you are going to purchase a 6 month plan?

It is probably not as cheap as PM. Just change your plan to the $15 plan and enable AutoPay.

This way you don’t have to worry about losing your number and account.

Just login to your account and go to Plan & Add-on then click on Change My Plan on your next renewal date.

BTW, enjoy your trip!

Mayor / Maire

@cassy1- keep in mind that once you downgrade to the $15 plan, when you get back (in 6 months), you might not be able to get back to the current plan you have now.  You will have to pick a plan that is available at that time.

Mayor / Maire


You can suspend your account for a maximum of 90 days without losing your number. After 90 days, your number will be gone and your account will be permanently closed.


- Downgrade your Plan to cheapest $15 Plan.

- Make sure your account has no more funds in the Available Funds

- Disable Autopay. Your account will be suspended on next renewal due to no pay.

- Log in around 88th day and pay for the next 30 days. Remember to log in as after 90 days of no pay account will be deleted.

Mayor / Maire


lower your plan to cheapest ($15)...enable credit card to Autopay. It'll self renew every 30 days.

Under $100 for 6 months.


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@cassy1   You can disable auto pay and let the account go into suspended state for 90 days but best to make payment around the 85 day so you don’t lose number and repeat the process 

Mayor / Maire

@cassy1   if you stop paying for 6 months, then you will loss your number


But you can do this to keep your number alive with minimal spending 


Here is what you can do (assuming your Available fund = $0)

  1.  First, change plan to $15 plan (to reduce the cost to keep you number)
  2.  Then disable pre-Authorized payment from Payment page
  3.  On the next renewal date, since pre-authorized payment is disabled, it won't be renewed.   
          Make note of that day 1 of the suspension date
  4.  VERY IMPORTANT.   Come back at around 85th days after the first date of the suspension to make a manual payment to renew the account for 30 days.  You have changed to $15 plan, so, it will just cost you $15 for those 30 days.  After you make the payment, make sure you see clearly that the account status is changed to ACTIVE.  If not, you will either have to open ticket with PM support or come and seek help here
  5.  Make note of that date, again, the account will be active for 30 days only and will be suspended again after the 30 days.  Make note of the date it got suspended again
  6.  As autopay is disabled, it won't renew after those 30 days.
        I hope you will be back by then. You just need to change the plan back to the one you want and then reactivate
       If you still not back to Canada by the end of that 90 days, then come back NO LATER than 85th date and repeat from step 4 again