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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I  have  locked  my  sim  card  and  i  cant  get  any  hwelp


Mayor / Maire

@potzilla420    How did you lock your SIM card?  Or do you mean you can't access your self serve account because you've forgotten your password?

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@potzilla420  Reboot your phone? What is the exact message displayed?

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Can you please clarify what you mean by this exactly 

Mayor / Maire


If you are looking for a PUK for the SIM, you need to contact a CS_Agent via SIMon Chatbot by creating a ticket or private message them.


If it is the SIM PIN on your iPhone, a mom and pop Cell Repair might be able to help.

Mayor / Maire

More details would be helpful @potzilla420 


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Additional info...:

Find you PUK:


“SIM network PIN blocked. Enter SIM network PUK." is asking for the phone’s (often Samsung) “master code" after entering the wrong code too many times. Samsung and/or your previous carrier can give you this.


"SIM network unlock PIN" is asking for your previous carrier's unlock code - just contact them with your IMEI (dial *#06# to get it) and they'll give it to you. If you enter this incorrectly too many times, you'll get the error message above.


“PIN unlock key (PUK)” is a SIM-specific code used to prevent unauthorised use of a SIM card. 

The PIN (Personal Identification Number) enables secure access to the SIM card and network. It is provided with your SIM card. 

  • If the PIN code is entered incorrectly 3 times, the phone is locked (except for emergency calls) and requires a PUK (Personal Unlock Key) to reactivate it.
  • Once the PUK is recovered and validated, you will be asked to choose a new PIN.
  • Only Public Mobile's Customer Support Agents (CSA) can give you this type of code, which the device manufacturer cannot. Public Mobile's Customer Support Agents (CSA) can be contacted at the following address:
  • Caution! If the PUK is entered incorrectly ten times in a row, the SIM card becomes unusable.



Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


If it's just the SIM card locked the default code is 1234. But only try it once because it gets further locked if you make an error too many times. Good Luck.