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"not registered to network" message

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

When I try calling out, I get a "Not registered to network" message.  Also texts are not going through.  this just started today.  When it was working this morning, calls were getting dropped for no apparent reason.  I need my phone for work!  No idea what is going on.


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Mayor / Maire




Mayor / Maire

@DarrylN   Yes as noted by @JK8, Telus has been experiencing network outages in BC and Alberta.  I just noticed my line is back on the grid (BC) so yours should be available shortly.  Maybe try rebooting your phone first.

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check it out is issue Towers Map in your area...outages Here link, 


something maybe is help, do one thing Make sure your phone is off before removing your SIM card,

and do rebooting your phone take your SIM card out and waiting for a 2 minute and put it back and turn on -This one is quick and simple.


what is mean for Rebooting the phone means to turn off your phone and turn it back on again.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I had some ongoing network issues in my area in Ontario, which started a few weeks ago. I started a chat with the SIMon chat bot. It hasn't been the greatest experience but after some persistence, I have had people with Public Mobile reach out to speak to me by phone. The trouble is that the web agent messaging system wants to close your case ASAP. A ticket needs to be opened with the engineering department to have your concerns escalated. They will want to do a network reset and have you reboot your phone to start (which rebooting is likely the first thing that you did). What is helpful to them is to know if you are on LTE, HSPA, etc, which for me was to look at the icon when I wasn't connected to wifi. In my case, I have a limited number of towers to choose form when I was having my issues. I used Network Cell Info to obtain additional network information. It is also helpful that they have an idea of where you are experiencing the problem, which you might want to share your address. Hopefully this is helpful to you. Good luck, and let the games begin!