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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

i am a customer for years, last month (April 12) paid 10.17, this month (May 12) I was billed 16.95. What is the reason for this increase?  I did not change/upgrade anything.


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@as200 - Public Mobile made a change on all customers rewards systems, switching people in May to Public Points, introduced in January 2022.

You will lose out on:

  • Up to $5 loyalty credits
  • $2 Autopay

You will now get with Public points:

  • 5% back on your plan that you spent on.
  • 10 points annually as a thank you for loyalty
  • 5 welcome points when you enter the dashboard for the first time

You will keep earning these rewards as points:

  • Community give back rewards
  • Refer a Friend 1 point per referral

You should have received an SMS or and email stating the change and you may have noticed some loyalty bonus data in My Account, which is a sort of thanks for your continued loyalty.

You Can redeem Public Points like these:

  • All Add-ons for $5 less
  • $15 bill credit for 15 points
  • And other offers that come and go.

I know, it is quite annoying of that.

Mayor / Maire

@as200   Sounds like you missed the notifications about the change from rewards to points.  So now you pay in full and collect points which have to be redeemed for $ off your bill once you have enough.  So it's not an increase, more a loss of automatically applied discount.  Going forward you lose the $2 for autopay, loyalty is now 10 points a year, you get 5% of your bill in points and referrals stay the same at 1 point for $1.  Everyone on the old rewards system is being switched over this month.

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