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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am still waiting for you reply on my inquiry on the overcharge of one month payment ($38) on April 1. We had changed our plan to the Canada/US plan and you have charged us (my number and my husband's number) for $44 each on April 1. Thus you have charged us double. Please correct the situation and refund the $38 asap. Thank you.


Mayor / Maire

hi @annmok was that no reply at all or they replied once Nd said need to check and will get back to you?? if they replied once, best to reply that message and ask for update to get the conversation going 

if no reply at all, message them again 

Mayor / Maire

@annmok   Did you change to the Canada/US plan before the next renewal date?  If so you would be charged immediately and forfeit your previous plan.  But best to contact customer service, check your inbox as @Sansan indicated, and if no reply try again at the chat message icon bottom right of this page.  We're only customers here in the community and can't do anything about your account.

Mayor / Maire

Hey @annmok  this is the community your talking to. If you message pm already. Check your inbox for their reply. When did you message them? There was an announcement re longer than usual wait time for replies.

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