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my vouchers wont work

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@dorly Hi sometimes you have to wait 24 hours before vouchers are registered did you try dialing *611


Mayor / Maire

@dorly  are you trying in your self serve or by calling 611?

Try another set of 12 digits on the voucher to see if that works by either method. If not, wait a couple hours to try again.



If issues persist after a waiting period (sometimes 24 hours), submit a ticket to CSA for assistance.

To contact the Public Mobile Customer Support Agent (CSA)_Team, there are two methods to reach them found here:

Mayor / Maire

@dorly where did you get the voucher from?  Vouchers from some place need to wait 24 hours before it could be used.  Have it been 24 hours yet?


how many times you tried so far? You tried both online and through *611?



Mayor / Maire


It depends on where you purchased your vouchers as to their validity. Read the following linked post and reference the voucher catalogue link contained within for examples of vouchers. Be sure to use the 12 digit voucher PIN# as there are often more than one 12 digit # on vouchers.