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my referrer did not get her $1 off monthy for referring me

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My spouse referred me to public mobile, but she did not receive her $1 off her monthly bill even though I used her code that she provided, and her account is active and I activated my phone back in December 2022.  I tried several times to log a service ticket, however consistantly get the 404 error code.  I cleared cached, browser history, etc, and tried several times to log a ticket, but the system always shows the 404 error code.  How do we get this rectified?


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There has been an ongoing glitch with referral codes while accepted at activation they simply do not register on the account. Have your wife log into her rewards account. If she is on the points program the only indication in her rewards account would be a point added to her points earning history on her renewal date. If she is on the old $$ rewards program she should see the last 4 digits of your phone number on her friend referrals list and $1 in rewards.


In both cases she should have recieved the Cha-ching text the day following your activation from 611 at 2pm eastern. (Depending on the time of day your activation occurred the text could be recieved a day later.) You should have recieved the $10 bonus referral credit within 72 hours but usually the next day. Check your payment history for the $10 credit.


It does appear though that none of this occurred....if so contact customer support with your wife's referral code (check that there is no confusion with letters and numbers) and ask them to add the referral code to your account citing the referral code glitch as the likely cause. While not necessary supplying the last 4 digits of your wife's phone # will help ensure that the referral code is correct since once added referral codes cannot be removed.


Once her referral code is successfully added if your wife is on the $$ rewards program the last 4 digits of your phone # and the $1 reward will appear immediately in her rewards account and should update and show on her payment page in her self serve account in her "Upcoming bill" section. She will recieve the Cha-ching text at 2pm eastern the next day as noted above.


If SIMon continues to give you the runaround then use the link supplied by @hTideGnow to send a private message. Leave a detailed message and include the following info to verify your account (only give this info to customer support in your private messaging):


  1. Full name and address on your account.
  2. Your phone #, email and 4 digit account PIN #.

Once customer support has fixed this issue your wife can contact customer support citing the referral glitch and ask for her missing points or $$ rewards for each of her renewals that you had active service with pm to be added to her account. She should not be penalized for the referral glitch that has been ongoing for nearly 2 years.


Double check the date of your activation in December. If it was on or before December 12th at 11:59:00pm eastern you would both qualify for the "more is merrier" bonus referral credit promotion of $25 ($5×5months) and you would each be owed 2×$5 credits with the third credit due to be added to accounts the last week of March (usually the Friday.) 🤞😀

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@mburyska1 The CS Agent has been helpful in helping me resolve any referral issues.  Follow instructions from @hTideGnow below and I'm confident they can get this resolved for you.  If I remember correctly you'll need to provide your #, spouses #, PIN's to validate the accounts and they can look into this for you.  The other way is to open a ticket on your spouse's behalf and when there are tickets from both numbers they can look into both accounts.


It's also important to know which reward program your spouse is on.  If they're on the current program with points rewards they won't get the $1 off per month but instead will get 1 point per month instead.

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HI @mburyska1 but did you get the $10 referral credit?  Login to My Account and check Payment history.  You should see a $10 as a credit on the payment history on the first couple days after activation.


If you don't see it there, then the code was completely missed

If you see it there, but just not on your spouse account, ask your spouse to check My Rewards site again 


And if you need help from CS agent, please submit ticket with them

at :

First type Contact,
then select the only choice there: "Contact..",
from the list of , choose "Other"
finally click link the blue link about submit a ticket
Another page will open and just follow: .

After ticket is submitted, make sure to check your Community Inbox(top right corner envelope icon) periodically for response from PM


If you have problems submitting a ticket, you can open ticket by private message (but this can take longer):





@mburyska1 , please login to the rewards portal for the referring account and check whether the referral reward is showing there.  If not, please use the chatbot link to initiate a support ticket and have a CSA investigate the lost reward.  

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When did your wife sign up here? Maybe she's on points and is earning a point per month with your referral.

Did you get your $10? Maybe there was a typo or confusion with an oh or a zero.

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