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my credit card expiry has changed - need to update

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Good morning.

How can i update my expiry date for my credit card? i can’t place calls now 


Mayor / Maire

@flepore   You have to login to My Account, update the card and make a manual payment


1. Update the card:

Go to Payment Tab, click Manage my card and then Replace this credit card:


2. Make a manual payment. 

After the new card info is entered, go back to Payment, One time payment, then use the option "Other (Enter the desired payment amount)" and then manually enter the plan amount and submit

Once payment is made, click the button "Reactivate current plan" if the button is there.  

Then logoff from My Account and Reboot the phone


Mayor / Maire

Have you ever created a self serve account before @flepore ?  If not you can register for one here:

then follow @softech steps above.