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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

hello, I am trying to add funds to my account, it refuses to process, I am still under the old subscription of 250 mb at 3G, as this has been more then sufficient for my needs, I had a great deal going with previous loyalty rewards over several years of being a public mobile customer, and had my monthly payments down to $10 per month + tax, from what I can tell with this change in customer services, is my situation a thing of the past ? I did see a place to get 4G at $15 per month, I am not interested in extra data and more expensive bundles. in order to continue being a Public Mobile customer, is it obligatory to change, upgrade my subscription ?  I see warnings that if my account becomes delinquent, I would lose my Phone Number ? is this threat a new change overall ? I thought that our phone numbers were "ours" to keep and we could transfer them to a competing Cellular provider, I am not happy with Public Mobile doing this to it's Loyal customers, but times are a changing and one must go with the Flow, I await for someone to read my message carefully and respond accordingly, much obliged for any help in clarifying what I have to do


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

first off: the $15 subscription plan at 4G is no longer an available option, they are now asking $19 for a 4G + 1 gb data, which is a decent upgrade, if I needed it, so if I can't process a payment via 611, I can and have several times in the past purchased a "voucher" with X amount and my account will be prepaid, continue to work as before, at 250mb data, and with 3G service, correct ?

Mayor / Maire

$15 no data, unlimited calls/sms was briefly available to ALL subscribers but NOW it is option for NEW subscribers only.
In order to get Exactly that one - $15-no data you would have to open new account, get new SIM, get new number and close existing account.

Mayor / Maire

@Quark123  You actually can't switch to the new $15 plan (unlimited calls texts but no data) as it is for new activations only.  You'll stay on what you have until you decide to change it.  As for your number, unless you cancel your service before transferring it, or don't pay your bill for 90 days your number stays with you.  If you do want to transfer the number to another carrier at some point, it must still be active with Public Mobile until the transfer is completed.  If you close your PM account before the number is ported out then you will lose it.  This is how it works with all carriers.

Mayor / Maire

HI @Quark123 

you don't have to make a plan change.  You will stay with your current $15 plan

the payment issue is unrelated with the new plans or new rewards.  It is just  PM payment is buggy sometimes.

You can wait an hour and try again.  But please try to login My Account using Incognito/private/secret mode.  

if it does not work, but you want to resume service first, get a voucher from Shoppers Drug Mart and load the voucher using *611 or on My Account

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