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lost US minutes

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Last I looked, I had 10 or so minutes in my US minutes, purchased as an add-on to my plan. Today they are gone. Do they expire? I thought not. I looked at usage, but you only show data usage, and not add-on minutes for out of province (in this case, purchased for US). Any thoughts on what might have happened?





Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

They do expire after 10 days.

Mayor / Maire

Just after reviewing the LD addons, it would appear you're speaking about the 200 or 400 minute long distance to Canada and/or US (and/or Global) minutes.


At a minimum, these are Canada and US minutes, and can be used for out of province calls to other Canadian numbers, plus the US (except for certain area codes and exchanges), and in the case of the 400 minute package, global to I think 18 other countries.


It sounds like you've used up your minutes since you last looked - Did you call a number outside your province, or perhaps were you close enough to a border to get an out of province cell tower?

Mayor / Maire

Which US minutes are you refering too?  The Canada & US (& Global) minutes (200 or 400 pkg), or the ROAMING US minutes?


The 200 minute, and 400 minute addons can be used FROM CANADA, to call CANADA, US, (And Global), and the roaming minutes are for use in the US.


The roaming minutes will expire after 10 days of an activation, and this is by design.


THe inside Canada minutes will stay around until you use all the minutes.

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