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keeping PM account open after transferring my number

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 I have had my number with Public Mobile for a couple of years now. I would like to transfer my number to Koodo temporarily because of voLTE as I have no coverage where I am right now with 3G. However, I would like to keep my PM account open after the transfer and choose a new number so I don't lose my loyalty with PM. Would that be possible?


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In addition to @darlicious call forwarding ideas, since you at least have data coverage, you may be able to get around the incoming call problem by signing up for a free VoIP service like TextNow or Fongo Mobile, which give you a new Canadian phone number. Then, you can call forward your Public Mobile line to the new VoIP service number which will work over WiFi or mobile data. You will have to temporarily go somewhere that has 3G service to be able to set the call forwarding commands though.


For example, if your new VoIP number is 2264447726, you can forward all calls to it by dialing:



To undo this, dial ##21#.


You could also set the conditional forwards, so that if you happen to be in an area with 3G service that it will still ring through your Public Mobile line first, and only forward to TextNow/Fongo if that fails. Do do this dial:



and undo with ##004#


Again, you'll have to temporarily go to an area with 3G service for these commands to work.


Edit: I'm curious the area you are in that has LTE but no 3G. Off the top of my head areas like this seem to be areas that have more recently received coverage from Bell towers, like some places in western Ontario (Ie White River), southern Ontario, and some places in Newfoundland.

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@darlicious wrote:

Call forwarding does not use up outgoing minutes on limited minute plans such as the $15 plan or the grandfathered $10 50/50 plan.

 @darlicious : Just for clarity of facts: the $10 plan will consume minutes on global forwarding. The $15 does not. The conditional forwards do not consume minutes on the $10 plan.

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Unfortunately that is not really possible.....but first consider the options presented already. You could open the koodo account with a new number and call forward your pm number to the koodo number (when you are in an area with 3G coverage choosing the specific conditional and unconditional call forwarding options for when you have no 3G coverage for your pm calls to automatically ring thru to the koodo number). @Nezgar can fully explain these options.


Alternatively you can do the same with a voip app/number like fongo which works both on wifi and mobile data (0.5mb=1min/250mb=500min). Call forwarding does not use up outgoing minutes on limited minute plans such as the $15 plan or the grandfathered $10 50/50 plan. This option could save you the expense of opening a koodo postpaid account and service.


If having your current phone number with voLTE service with koodo is a must then although it is against policy there have been rare cases where a CSA will help with a request like yours when you are moving the number to a koodo or telus account and allow you to keep your plan and rewards with your current pm account and assign a new phone number. This is very YMMV and only done on a case by case basis with a very compelling reason. Be prepared for a negative result but if it's your only choice to move to koodo at the time being its worth pleading your case to customer support. 


Best of luck!



Please note the additional info on call forwarding that does use minutes supplied by @Anonymous  below and the very helpful additional info supplied by @Nezgar  the viscount of voicemail.





To contact customer support click below:

To pre-verify your account include your full name, address, email, phone # and 4 digit acct pin #.

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No, once number is ported away, the account will be closed.  So, there is no chance to port a number out and keep existing PM account.


since you would like to keep your PM Account open after the transfer, are you ready to keep 2 accounts opened?  if so, why not have PM account at $15 plan with your old number and then open a Koodo account?


Or an alternative way is to use VoIP app like TextNow in area where is there is no 3G voice courage?  As long as there is LTE, the VoIP app will work.  You might want to setup Forwarding if no answer or Forwarding if unavailable to your VoIP app so you won't miss phone calls?


BTW, which area you are now in which have no 3G coverage?  any chance you have an non-North American phone and doesn't have all the 3G bands needed for PM?  Would this be an issue resolvable by change of phone?


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@AhmedZaki  This is not possible. Sorry. Once you port out. Your account is closed. Works the same with every provider. You may want to consider a new number with Koodo to keep your PM account.