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eSIM transferring number failed

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I just got an eSIM and tried to transfer number.  But I got a message from Pubic Mobile saying that the transfer failed. They said they were going to contact me soon but I haven’t heard from them since then. Wondering what I should do. Also when transferring number, i filled out the IMEI number of my current eSIM instead of my old Fido one. Does this matter? Also if I will be able to get the transfer done, will my old Fido account be cancelled automatically? Thanks 


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

"Also when transferring number, i filled out the IMEI number of my current eSIM instead of my old Fido one. Does this matter?"

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the IMEI number they want the IMEI number of the phone itself and not the eSIM?  (From what I gather it is usually better to use your account number with the old provider rather than the phone's IMEI in any case).

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Reboot your phone and try again

Mayor / Maire

@qxz96 - urgh, yet again another message saying someone will be contacted, when I don't know if public mobile ever contacts in this situation or not!? @J_PM , does Public ever contact customers under these circumstances. If not, can that messaging change to appropriate wording?

In these cases @qxz96 , best to contact public mobile directly (or that number that was sent to you via private message may help too). Methods to contact Public Mobile Customer Support (CSA) below:

1-Normally Faster - use this link to: Get Help With Public Mobile Chatbot], also found in various places in Public webpages, and bottom right corner of the page (See the Chat Bubble), 

2-OR, go to your ENVELOPE at the top right of your Community Account which is where your Inbox and Sent messages are. Select the orange/peach color box with the pencil inside it to start a new message.  Type CS_Agent in the SEND TO box. This will create a private message to Public Mobile Customer Support.

Mayor / Maire

@qxz96  Shouldn’t use the IMEI just use the old providers account number . Will send you porting team number private message and give them the account number not the IMEI and leave old providers sim in the phone to reply YES  the confirmation text 

Mayor / Maire

hi @qxz96 

will send you the porting team number you can call. Chrck your Community inbox 

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