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eSIM transfer to new phone

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I just got a new phone and wondering how I can transfer my eSIM to the new iphone


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Mamalioutas You'll need to buy a new e-sim for the new phone.  Unlike physical SIMs you can't transfer esim to new devices.  It should be this convenient but unfortunately it is not.  

You'll need to buy a new esim, activate it on the new device.  There are excellent instructions in @softech's post below.



For eSIM with new phone, you have to re-buy a new one for $5.  
Yes,  while eSIM is "cool", there are disadvantages as well.  For eSIM, if you have a new phone, or if you ever wipe your phone, you will have to re-buy a new eSIM again.   There is no such problem with Physical sim card.

To rebuy new eSIM, First, download the app on your new phone, click   or    at the bottom left to bring up the menu and go to Subscription & Add-on page, scroll down to the bottom and click Shop SIM Card Now.  You can buy and install eSIM from there

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