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eSIM failing to activate (x2)

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have switched me and my sister from Bell Mobile to Public Mobile yesterday. We both have bell SIM cards in our phones and I completed the number transfers from Bell. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max, she has a iPhone XR, both of them support eSIM. But both of the phones are getting SOS only in the control centre. I have been messaging the support and they have just given me another QR code that doesn't work. When I scan it on my phone it says to contact my carrier. On my sister's phone the activate eSIM screen just loads forever. The support has now told me to go buy a physical SIM card, which would cost me $20 for the both of us. This is very disappointing I shouldn't have to pay for SIM cards because PM's eSIM's refuse to activate. When I signed up it said they were free. Is there no way to get a new free eSIM or physical SIM? Because in the app I checked every single menu and there is no option to buy one or get a different one. Right now I have paid $80 for 2 none functioning phone plans, and I have to pay another $20 to see if they work.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Both phones were purchased from Bell, they have been paid off fully, and the IMEI's are clean. I guess the eSIM's just don't work. I have bought physical SIM cards on Amazon now, so I have to wait and see if they work when they get here in a couple days.


@Jeff1042 usually PM support will reimburse you the cost.  Reply them and ask and push them to agree on it

Mayor / Maire


regarding those phones...did you buy them in Canada or elsewhere ? Did you get them from a reputable source or from Kijiiji or similar ?

have a look at this link to see if the phones are blacklisted or...

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