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canada us plan. is it fixed term contract for it?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


i am thinking to subscribe to

is it any string attached?  2 year contract? 

can i transfer my phone number to it? or it will be a new line? 




Mayor / Maire


in preparation for any trip to US with the Canada / US plan, best is to familiarize yourself with others past experiences. First, make sure you have a cellphone that has volte enabled by PM. Let us know which phone you have, if you're not sure. When you get to US, ignore the message; Welcome to US and to buy a roaming add-on. In your cellphone should turn on Roaming data today and leave it on. When you get to US, you'll want to connect to either of T-Mobile or AT&T...none of the others will work.

Mayor / Maire

@OnlyMasha  No contracts , and it’s every 30 days until you decide to change plans . But PM reserves  the right to change plan price when ever they want and have before . Same as they just changed the rewards program which was essentially a price hike . So that’s the only downfall here 

add that plan is just a Canada wide plan not US roaming you would need to choose the 60GB for $39 if you want US roaming 

Mayor / Maire

HI @OnlyMasha 

All PM plans do no have any contract commitment.  They are just 30 days plan (or in some case, it is 90 days if it is a 90 days plan with special price)

So, you can just activate and use it even for one month 🙂

can you transfer, yes, generally.  But please confirm it here if your number can be port into Public Mobile (it is a Koodo site because both Koodo and PM are part of Telus)


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