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Why was I charge Full price

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I used to pay $7.91 per month with all my bonuses.

I was just billed full price $15 plus tax for this billing period.

I know we are on a point system but my payment should not change. 

What am I doing wrong? I am sure this is happening to a lot of customers.



Mayor / Maire


old Rewards was applied automatically during renewal process. With the new points program, you must watch your points bank...then when you have enough for renewal, you manually redeem them. Alternative, you can use them to buy add-on or even future contests. BTW, the "contests" are bit of a joke...PM won't announce who or if there was a winner.

Mayor / Maire


Did you check how many points you have so far on the PM app?

You need to collect 15 points to redeem a $15 credit off your bill now.



you might have missed the announcement back in March about the rewards system change 

PM retired the old reward system earlier (May 2024) and everyone migrated on the new Public Points system.

With this new system, you pay the full amount first (with the Available Funds on your My Account or via your credit/debit card on the system), and hence you see a higher charge now. 
After renewal, PM will give you the points to your reward account within 48 hours.  Once you collected 15 points, you can redeem $15 bill payment yourself to bring the next payment down.  Or you can also use points to buy add-ons with a discounted price

For how to earn points with Public Points,

  • you will get the same friend referral, 1 point (= $1) for every referral every month.
  • Instead of $2 autopay, you earn 5% back in point on your plan renewal or add-on purchases from credit card or vouchers
  • Instead of loyalty rewards, you will 10 points on your Anniversary day with PM every year 
  • You will still earn Give-Back rewards by participating in the Community. Everyone has a chance to earn  1/2/5/10/15/20 points depends on the overall participation of the month 

I have to admit Public Points rewards is not as good as the Legacy rewards system, but you are still saving money, just in a slower pace 

Here is more information about the rewards system migration:

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Read this.

Hey Community,

We have an important announcement to share with our subscribers who are currently enrolled in our old Rewards program.

We’re making changes to our rewards program and are sharing how these changes impact some of our subscribers. Starting in May, we’ll be retiring our old Rewards program and moving all subscribers to our Public Points™ program. 

We launched the Public Points™ program in January 2022 to provide our subscribers with more ways to earn and spend rewards, with greater flexibility. As part of our commitment to continuously evolve our products and services, it's time to retire our old Rewards program and shift our focus on enhancing our Points program.

To show our appreciation for your continued loyalty, subscribers on our old Rewards program will receive a special thank you. We'll send you a text message when it has been added to your account by March 31st. 

We’re excited to continue providing you, our valued subscribers, more opportunities to earn and spend rewards with Public Points™ moving forward.

To learn more about your move to Public Points, check out our FAQ here.

The Public Mobile Team


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