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Why are call going to voice mail????

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I can call out and all calls are going to voice mail.  I changed sim card to a new phone and this is happening. What is the answer?? I hope customer service reads these messages. I'm ready to cancel my account.


That totally clarifies it, thank you.

It definitely sounds like a device related issue since incoming calls continue to work when you put the Sim card back in the Samsung device.


This is unlikely something public mobile will be able to assist you with.


saying that, there are a lot of smart users on this community of other users, who may be able to assist you. Did you try the numbered checklist I offered earlier? Could be one of those small items…

@mbd1234  Sounds like a device issue , can you get your hands on a known to work SIM card other then your current one and try in the new phone and see if anything works 

@mbd1234   Wonder if it worth to do a factory reset of the phone.  It is a clamshell phone,I guess it won't be too painful to re-setup after factory reset?


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I ported the number to PM a week ago and put it in a samsung and it worked perfect. Yesterday I put it in a ZTE because I like the phone better and this issue started. If I put the SIM back in the samsung it works fine.

Mayor / Maire

I agree with HALIMACS's puzzlement.
So you had service with another provider with another phone and their sim. Then you transferred over to Public with the same phone and of course a Public sim. Then you acquired or started using the new phone that had a different provider sim in it and put the Public sim in it and now it won't receive calls but everything else works.
Is that about the history?
Or did you transfer in to Public with the new phone?

Am I missing something here @mbd1234 


Earlier on you said you ported the number a week ago.


But then you wrote yesterday, when you changed the SIM to public mobile, which infers that you may have just activated here yesterday?


Can you clarify please?

@mbd1234 - are texting in/out services working, and outgoing calls, and data working on this new phone?


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

doesnt change anything


@mbd1234   pick WCDMA only


then see if the phone connects at all 

then try outgoing calls

then try incoming calls

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

The options are    LTE/CDMA/GSM


WCDMA only

GSM only


@mbd1234  Sounds like a stuck  in port issues , did you transfer number from old sim to new sim , did you reply YES to confirmation text you would have 90 min window to do so if yes try the number I sent you , if you didn’t and just got new public sim and activated it and put in phone then it’s most likely provisioning issue . In that case you need contact support and @esjliv  already provided you that link 

@mbd1234   did you use the ZTE on a different Pm sim before? or a different provider sim before?


your phone has all the 3G bands need for PM voice, so it should work


try to change your network to 3G only by:


From the Home screen, select

Menu>Settings>Wireless & network >Mobile Network > Preferred network type

select 3G


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

The ZTE had a different SIM and it was working fine. When I changed the SIM yesterday to public mobile this issue started.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

outgoing calls no problem.


@mbd1234 wrote:

It was working fine on my other phone for a week.

@mbd1234 - if incoming calls were working on the previous phone, then your port seems successful.


Can you check the settings of your device and and ensure you don't have the setting selected saying to only accept calls from people only in your Contact List? If so remove this option or add callings ro your contacts.


If this is not the issue can you remove your SIM in you new phone, and insert it into another compatible phone. Then restart that other phone. Do incoming calls work?

Now remove the SIM card and put it back in your phone. Do incoming calls working now in your new phone?


If you are still having issues ask a CSA what could be the issue. And please if they are able to fix the issue, would you mind coming back to share what they say here? It could help others with the same problem.


­­­Public Mobile Representatives customer support­­­ agents (CSA) can be contacted by either two methods, found here:

@mbd1234   which exact model?  will try to lookup if it has enough bands on the 3G network for a stable voice connection


and again, outgoing calls without problem?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Brand new. ZTE


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Its a ZTE

@mbd1234   again, what is the brand and model of the phone with the problem?

and try changing Preferred network to 3G Only

Try the public mobile Sim card in another device to see if you can receive calls. Also, try someone else’s Sim card in this new device you acquired to see if you can receive calls on it.


This will help to exclude whether it is an account or a device related setting or issue. 

@mbd1234  Also check 

Outage   map in your area: 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

It was working fine on my other phone for a week.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I've done that 3x


@mbd1234  Did you buy phone brand new , or of Kijiji , face book market place check device 

Check the Status of Your Device in Canada | https:/


@mbd1234 so it was working well before?

and outgoing calls working fine?


What new phone is that?  brand and model?



PM uses ONLY 3G for voice calls,   Usually the phones need to switch from 4G/LTE when calls come.   So, if your new phone does not have all the 3G bands require, the switching could be slower and the calls could got routed to VM before you phone switching over to 3G


one thing to try, change your preferred network to 3G ONLY and see if it helps. 

Also try incoming calls at different area, it could also be just a weak 3G signal in where you are now

Mayor / Maire

@mbd1234  If your existing customer and got new phone and just put SIM card in new phone try rebooting the device first

Mayor / Maire



FYI, we are customers just like you, so we don’t have access to your specific account.


Usually when this happens it’s because the porting has not completed from your prior provider here.

Did you definitely respond “Yes” to the port authorization request?


Here are several other things to try:


  1. ensure airplane mode is not enabled

  2. ensure do not disturb is not enabled

  3. ensure the number calling you is not on a blocked senders list

  4. disable any call-forwarding features/settings

  5. turn off Bluetooth -- it's possible the 'ringing' is going through to a Bluetooth device instead of device's speakers

  6. remove and reinsert your SIM card

  7. reset network connections

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I ported my number about a week ago and it was working fine on the other phone. now it doesn't work on this phone. 

Mayor / Maire

@mbd1234  Did you just port your number and miss the confirmation text ? If so I’ll send you port team number private message 


edit we are just customers like you trying to help 

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