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Walmart refused to sell me a SIM card without activation

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I simply wanted to buy a SIM card to perform my own online activation, but as the store employee was opening the cabinet, he asked me if it was for a new activation. I told him I just wanted the SIM card, and he apologized, re-locked the cabinet, and that was it. He said he can’t sell one without an activation. 


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I also tried to purchase from Walmart, and 4 other stores that provide Public Mobile. Every store stated they cannot sell the SIM cards. They can only activate. I asked why, and I keep getting the same responce... "We do not sell SIM cards becuase some customers used to purchase the SIM cards, then try to return them due to customer error, or fraudlent reasons".

Possible Solutions For Public Mobile To Implement

  • Just say all SIM cards are final sale, and there are no returns. 
  • Telus and Koodo have the ability to swap a SIM card if its fauly free of charge. Both corporate stores, and autorized dealers can do why cant Public Mobile dealers?
  • Add a refund process for retail stores who have swapped SIM's that are faulty. This way retail stores will be more than happy to swap a SIM knowing they wont be loosing money. 

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Thanks, I already was in touch with Mariela on the advice of the community here, thanks everyone!

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Clarification (I mispoke) and something odd.


My son got a $10 credit from my daughter's referral (walmart). She went to her acct that day to see if this was registered on her acct. It was. She checked today, and everything is gone, including her $1 referral and $2 autopay bonus.


Her due date is mid-april for $15.


It should be noted that son opened his @ walmart and daughter hers @ London Drugs. Don't think that should matter.





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Is Walmart your only option? 

London Drugs, K Mobile, Wow Mobile, The Mobile Shop (Superstore/Loblaws related), apparently some (not all) Koodo outlets - will sell you a SIM. 

@Kcountry ...write a private message with the link that Mary give to you in her on it and you can write the message after that..Smiley Happy

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So yesterday my dh goes to Walmart to buy 2 SIM cards (I'm moving my 2 kids over to the $15 plan)  (who supposedly is the manager, and the same guy who caused the issue with me getting a card) the worker was helping a lady. She was trying to download photos from 3 phones and put them on one phone. The lady tells this worker to go and help my husband because it's going to take a while (she had over a thousand pictures) the workers reply "he can wait" dh waited over 20 min, and that worker didn't even acknowledge him. The lady couldn't believe what the worker said. Clearly the worker can't multitask. So now I think I need to order online, but I want the $25 friend deal.

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Retraité / Retired

Hey @Haiggy,


thanks for your feedback!


Can you please send me a private message with the specifics, such as the exact location, date, time, the names of any employee you interacted with and details of the issue.





** Please do not post private info such as: phone number, account number, pin etc.. This is a public forum. **

@66michael99 wrote:

I was able to get these referrals on the spot. 

@66michael99 @Can you clarify this? They gave you 25$ and your referal $25 in cash, as account credits?

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Seems to me, though, that walmart hires these people from god knows where. Go to a place like London Drugs, you get nothing but a high degree of customer service and professionalism. Go to walmart, and it's like the twilight zone.

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I was able to get these referrals on the spot. 

@66michael99  people aften want to activate at home because of special promotions like the 25+25 refer a friend deal. That deal is void if Walmart activates for you.


Also there should never be an activation fee no matter which retailer you go to

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Not sure what the problem is. Went to walmart, bought the simcard, they activated it with no additional activation fee.


Took about 20 minutes as I ported over my existing cell#.

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Please add the walmart location that gave you trouble to the walmart thread here. They're collecting this infirmation for retraining of walmart staff, and letting customers know where to avoid if they have any issues getting an unactivated sim.

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I just got mine from WOW! mobile.  No issues.

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You can try other stores like The Mobile Shop, Wow! Mobile boutique, London Drugs.

See thread here for details:

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@Haiggy go to Wow Mobile there will happy to sell you one or more if you need it

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@Haiggy  - I suggest you send a private message to the moderator team and give them the details (store location mostly).  I believe they are tracking this.  Many locations are refusing to sell the SIM without activation.

Click here to send the moderator team a private message. Their hours are: Mon-Fri 8AM-Midnight(EST) & Sat/Sun 8AM-10:00PM(EST)