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Waiting for Reward

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Hello All,


My community Reward and auto-pay are showing, but only one has been added to my available funds.Screenshot_20171015-175421.jpg


Not sure if this can only be handled by the Mods, but if anyone has experienced something similar, how was it solved?




Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

As others have mentioned you will have to wait until your next billing cycle. 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen


I am not a moderator.You have to wait for next payment cycle in jan2018 .i am sure you will get balance $6 in next payment cycle.

 I suggest you please send this screenshot to moderator by your account number.they will provide you propwr solution.




Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@wetcoaster Thank you, that makes perfect sense!


@Mr-Bump, did you originally sign up for a 30 day plan?  I know when I joined I did a 90 day plan and set up autopay and in my account was $6 in available funds.  So if you singed up for a 30 day that is where that $2 came from.



I am happy to help, but I am not a Customer Support Agent please do not include any personal info in a message to me. Click HERE to create a trouble ticket through SIMon the Chatbot *

Mayor / Maire

The rewards will only be converted into funds and applied against your amount due on the day of renewal. I think what you see in "available funds" is just that, available funds, coming from a transaction before this (For example: if you signed up just recently that could be the way the system applies your first autopay reward since it's only taken off your amount due on your first renewal.)


So the way I'm reading it is that on your next renewal your credit card will be charged $41.

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