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Voicemail does not work with iphone

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello, my voicemail does not work properly from my iphone.  If I dial my phone number directly I can access my voicemail.  But if I use the "Call voicemail" option in the iphone phone app it displays the message: "Error performing request Unknown Error".  Could you please reset my visual voicemail as that seems to be the solution mentioned?

Also, my account seems to be messed up in other ways.  When I login to my account and click on "Plans and Addons" it always displays the following:

"Oh no! It looks like something went wrong, but don't panic. Log out and then log back in again to continue."





Reboot phone. Maybe try a network reset of your phone. Toggle airplane mode on, then off.

Some suggest a factory reset to reset visual voicemail.  


Here is one example:


As for your account display being messed up, the website can be finicky.  Try a different web browser, clear cache or incognito mode.  

Mayor / Maire

 @arlysb : Try dialing *5005*86*17785804001#

Or any one of the other many voicemail access numbers that are available. Of even your own number. (the last 11 digit numbers I mean)

Edit: Then you should be able to press and hold the 1 or whatever method gets you into voicemail.

Mayor / Maire

Check what phone number is set as vmail number in your phone.

And to resolve that weird message try using different browser. It worked for me before... nothing is wrong with your account.