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Visa Prepaid Card....

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

My parents have a brand new phone with  o phone plan yet.  I'm trying to activate them with a new number and account througg Public Mobile.  They want the $25 monthly plan.  I tried to use my.own credit card since my parents don't have a credit card or prepaid visa and my credit card didn't work.  I went to a few different stores to get a prepaid card to pay for the $25 plan and they all say they only the minutes cards. I don't want minutes I want the $25 plan.  So then I bought a prepaid Visa and tried to use it on the payment screen and it asked for a postal code!?!? What!?!? I parents postal code ...that didn't work then I used the stores postal code I bought it from and that didn't work.  I'm super frustrated right now and have spent hours just trying to get my parents on with Public Mobile and nothing is working.  I myself am with Public Mobile and own credit card nd have no problems.  Can someone please tell me what's going on!? Why can't I use my own credit card for my parents account and why is the prepaid visa asking for a postal code and when I put it in it doesn't work.  This would be so much easier right now if I could speak to a human being on the phone. Am I missing something!?!?


Mayor / Maire


What type of visa gift card do you have? Does it have a CVV # on the back of the card? I have had an issue like this with the activation portal not accepting any card. Given the time wait a few a couple minutes after midnight eastern. Then....


  1. Clear your browser and close it.
  2. Reboot your device.
  3. Open one tab only.
  4. Chrome, safari or Microsoft Edge work best depending on your device.
  5. Use secret/incognito mode.
  6. A laptop or desktop will work better than a mobile device if possible.

Additionally when entering the payment card info use ALL CAPS. No space in the postal code. There may also be an issue with the activation portal also requiring you to wait at least one hour if you have made 2 separate payment attempts. If you wait til after midnight eastern you will be activated with a full day of service ahead of you instead of a couple of hours of day 1 of the 30 day cycle left.


I also suggest you choose a temporary phone number from Alberta  to activate to save up to 10% on the sales tax and pay only gst on the activation plan. Once all of the services are working on the pm Sim card you can then change the phone # or port in a phone # on your profile page of the self serve account.


Take photos of the 1st page to include all of the info entered (or write it down) as well as the 4th page where you entered your referral code and any eligible promocodes. (12MONTHS2GB) might still work? Finally record the info on the transaction summary at the end after a successful activation....if you cannot print it. Good Luck!!

Mayor / Maire


try using all capital letters when registering the card and no spaces for the postal code. I don't recall using a postal code when registering my visa gift card

Mayor / Maire

Hi @blpoirier1982 , Prepaid Visa will work here.  Just use Private/ Incognito/ secret mode to try again.  It is prepaid Visa, postal code not important, enter any valid postal code

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@blpoirier1982  Your card should work has to be a different email then yours each account needs its own email and try incognito mode private mode or even a lap top of possible