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Updating PRL

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Is PRL (preferred roaming list) still a thing? On CDMA I remember having to update the PRL occasionally to ensure my phone connects to the closest towers.

I noticed while trying to troubleshoot dropped calls that on LTE I get a much weaker signal than on 3G/wCDMA UMTS. It seems that on LTE I am connecting to a different tower that is much further away. 

Using a free android app, I can locate what tower I  connected to. It seems odd that LTE uses completely different towers. Is this normal?

I wonder if there is a way to update my PRL like in the old days to possibly enable using a closer tower for LTE? 


Mayor / Maire

Hey @smurfit 

I think the only way to lock on to 1 tower is to go into your network settings and turn off automatic and just pick Public Mobile and reboot so it stays on PM towers. I often found that my phone would sometimes leave PM and jump on Rogers or Bell which is all fine and dandy but...  the switching from PM to Rogers to PM on the same call messes things up... in my experience. 

Mayor / Maire

hi @smurfit 

no, you don't do that (PRL) anymore ..

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