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Unregistered SIM - need HELP

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
I have created nine PM (Public Mobile) accounts over a few years for friends and family  and never had an issue until yesterday. Created a new account for a friend with a new SIM. The process went easy as usual. Entered SIM #, Credit card success, ported phone Samsung J3 from Telus to PM no issues, referral code OK, everything went as usual and account created,  successful with payment made.
Installed new  SIM, booted phone. Phone will "not connect to network" and message "SIM not registered".
Test results:
New SIM will not work in any other Samsung PM registered phones
SIM from two other PM account phones WILL work in J3 phone
Strong cell signal rebooted many times.
Seems to me a problem with the SIM card failed OR account and SIM not synced.
No response from Moderator private message after 24 hours


Agents were finally able to get the phone/account up and running. It took almost 3 days and I was possibly a part of the problem. The rules for porting have changed since the last time I created a friend's account and not reading the community post on Transferring.


Click link below

Transferring or Changing your Phone


I neglected to leave my SIM from my current carrier in the phone until I verified a text message from them asking "If I wanted to move to a new carrier" Answer either YES or NO.

That then releases your phone from them and started the porting to Public Mobile. In my case I had to go through my garbage to find the SIM, not fun.  


Mayor / Maire



It's possible you may have gotten a bad SIM card.  Depending on where you got it, try approaching them for a replacement.


Before doing that, try resetting network connections with the newly activated SIM card.