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I am looking to speak with a representative in regards to unlocking my Public Mobile account. There was an issue with my credit card that resulted in my account to be totally locked. Now I can not log into my account or anything to restart my account. I am simply looking to restart my autopay and my service.


Thank you very much for the help, I greatly appreciate it! I am looking forward to resolving this issue.


Best regards,




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Hey @skullcrusher445 


You can send a private message to CS_Agent with your account details so they can help you directly.


PM does not provide any phone or email support, unfortunately.


In the meanwhile, you may try waiting 60 minutes, then trying the Forgot Password option again. Usually that is enough time for the account to get unlocked by itself, allowing you to use that option again.

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Send a private message to the CSA by clicking

You’ll need to be logged into your Community account for the link to work.

Be ready to provide account information to CSA to confirm your identity.


Watch for their response in your Community private mailbox which will be indicated by a number on the small envelope icon to the left of your Community avatar.

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 @skullcrusher445 : Was your credit card issue that you reversed a charge from Koodo?

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@skullcrusher445  - if you tried too many failed attempts to log into your Self Serve account you likely locked you account up temporarily, wait 15 minutes, then try again. IF you don't remember your password try the Forgot your Password option to reset it.


NOTE, if you account has been in nonpay/suspended status for over 90 day you lost your phone number, funds in your account and access to your Self Serve.


OR, were you having issues making a payment with a credit card? If so, this could have triggered Public Mobile fraud alert. So in this case wait an hour before you try again.


If you activated recently and noticed a Koodo charge on your credit card bill (as @z10user4 is alluding to), and you cancelled that charge with your card company, then this would be a problem with your account. This is because the activation charge does show "Koodo" for the transaction (Telus owns both Koodo and Public Mobile); but future transactions will show Public Mobile.

IF this is the case - submit a ticket with CSA and tell them this happened. You can also let your card company know it was not a fraudulent action.

If this happened, don't feel alone; it has happened to others unfortunately. 😫


CSA contacts:


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It sounds like your'e at the its too late to go back and change anything now stage.....because you already reported your card as compromised stemming from a KOODO TOP UP REAPPROV charge on your statement that your credit card issuer reversed and cancelled your card and sent you out a new replacement card with a brand new number.


Then suddenly you find yourself locked out of your account, no access to info calling 611 and your pm services cut off with no warning and you are told to come here and contact customer support.


In a nutshell this isn't your fault but due to prepaid provider policy on chargebacks for services recieved when you disputed the KOODO charge with no knowledge that this could be your PUBLIC MOBILE plan payment. Unfair that this is the easiest and quickest way to get your service back is to go out to 7/11, SMS, RCSS, Shell stations, London Drugs, Circle K or even Wal-Mart and purchase pm vouchers equal to your plan amount that you disputed and contact customer support to submit the vouchers to back pay for your plan and get your account reactivated and gain login access to your self serve account.


Once that is achieved you can then discuss adequate compensation to be credited to your account for the great inconvenience this has caused you. Right now pm has been offering a months plan amount credit+expenses to acquire vouchers. That is just an FYI for you to base what you think is fair compensation for your hassle this misnamed merchant charge has caused.



#8? #9? How many more? The ostrich mascot is not working for pm.




Put "KOODO TOP UP REAPPROV chargeback nightmare" in the subject line when you send your private message.


To contact customer support click below:

To pre-verify your account include your full name, address, email, phone # and 4 digit acct pin #.

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 @darlicious : We don't yet know this for a fact. I had asked too...but we don't yet know.



We need more info from you before we can solve your issue.

1.  When was your last renewal?

If your renewal was fine and later your credit card reverse the charge, please check your cc online and confirm what had happened.

2.  If your cc reverse the charge, your account will be locked until you receive PM mail asking you to pay at PM office before your account is working again.

3.  If your cc did not reverse the charge and is less than 90 days since you missed your payment, you can add fund to your account and reactivate your account.  If there are too many failed login(5 times) and the PM system ask to wait 1 hour before trying login again.  Have you tried the Forgot your password link on the login screen to reset your password?  If all failed, create a support ticket for CSA to look into your account with the instructions from previous posts on this thread.


BTW, PM does not have call center that your can talk to someone directly.  Using support ticket is the only way to contact CSA who are PM employee.