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Unable to receive incoming call after porting my phone number

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello, I’m new to public mobile and ported over my number from Roger Wireless . However after a few days has passed I am still unable to receive phone calls.  but data seems to work fine and I can make phone calls as well.


Mayor / Maire


The most important step in porting over to PM is to reply to the text with your Rogers SIM in your phone and confirm with YES you are porting over. You have 90 minutes to reply or porting will be stuck.

Contact a CS_Agent to restart the porting process for you.

Submit a ticket on SIMon Chatbot on the bottom of the page or private message on the envelope icon above.

Mayor / Maire

Did you leave the old sim in a phone and reply to the confirmation text? Is your old service still working?

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