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Unable to receive calls

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi, I have switched to public mobiles since December 27, and still unable to receive calls. I can make outgoing calls though. What should I do? My other carrier service has been deactivated. Thanks


Mayor / Maire

If your other service carrier has been deactivated @Tocbuxu and the porting never completed over to Public Mobile then you may have missed out on porting the number over and lost the number.

OR, is it possible to reactivate the account with the previous provider, can you check with them if this is your scenario? If the previous provider is Telus or Koodo there may be a bit of a chance to port the number if it has not been assigned yet and still with Telus.


If call your number what happens? If the number was assigned elsewhere, you can go into your My Account and change your phone number to another number. Hopefully, this will get all your services up and running (although with a new number unfortunately). 

Mayor / Maire


Try rebooting your phone by powering the phone off then back on.

If that didn’t work then the porting is not completed and you will need to contact a CS_Agent to complete the porting process for you.

Create a ticket on SIMon Chatbot below or private message on the envelope icon above.

Mayor / Maire



Do you specifically remember leaving your old mobile provider SIM card in your device, receiving a text from them asking if you wanted to approve moving your number to public mobile, and replying yes to that text within 90 minutes of it being sent?


If so, do you still have the old SIM card available with that text thread in it?


If public mobile porting team cannot assist (they should), make sure your old provider is aware that you wished to port your number over here.  


Mayor / Maire

Main question is: DID you do porting of your old number? Answer on that question will provide few options what you have and can do.

Mayor / Maire

@Tocbuxu @Also did you try to port your number to pm ? Did you miss the text from old carrier to confirm the port that you only had 90 mins to reply YES to ?…. If that’s the case it sounds like your port request hit a hiccup …. Also was your old carrier apart of the Telus /Koodo family ? If not then of your old number maybe be gone … both lines need to be active for port to be successful 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

also you my want to contact an agent


@Tocbuxu   did you call your old provider and request them to deactivate? or it was deactivated upon successful porting?



It still sound like a stuck port, the port was not completed.  I would still contact the porting support team and confirm the porting was completed..   


There is a number to call to talk to live support,  they can confirm if porting was the problem .  I will message the number to you via the Community inbox.  Check the envelope icon on top right.  Call them... 

Mayor / Maire

@Tocbuxu @First try rebooting your phone , take SIM card out and reseat it in sim tray and push in all the way to start 

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