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US roaming doesn't work

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I bought the US add on and even though it shows that my data is on, it seems phone is not connecting to anything. All settings correct. Please advise


Mayor / Maire

For data you need roaming data on, not just cell data.

If your phone is not set for automatic networks then change it to select a network automatically.

Then of course you need to be in a T-Mobile coverage area. That's not the responsibility of Public Mobile.

Once connected then data and text should work fine (if in coverage). Talk needs 2G coverage available. This is where the problem is. Also some phones can't drop down to 2G anymore. What make and model phone are you using?

Mayor / Maire

@florakabora  Make sure you’re connected to T mobile and reboot the phone 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Can you confirm the funds were there to pay for the add on?

Are you manually connecting to a US network?  You may need to check your settings for this.

Do you have data roaming on?

Can you text or call?

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