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US coverage.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I am totally confused. I am in Canada traveling to the US next month. I was going to add on some talk text minutes for 15 days but when you go into the fine print, it says US roaming’s will last 10 days. So which is it?? also it says some US carriers are turning down their 3G networks. What does that mean? I won’t have the coverage that I’m looking for? 
It’s a real nuisance. If I have to be down there in every 10 days, I got to go in and renew my package!


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Jlop11  As you are travelling for a month just forget PM's roaming add ons. Rather just get a US SIM with enough data to see you through plus a TextNow account so you can call/text as needed. 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thsnks so much!

There are many options for US providers. As for buying additional roaming, you either: 1. need to contact support to buy it again at anytime, 2. buy the different bundle when the counter says 0/15, 3. wait 12 hours for the previous one to disappear. That wait might also be 24 hours.

But until they fix a new bug, the service stops at 10 days or the counter saying 5/15. I wonder if at this time the different bundle can be bought. That would be up to you to experiment with.



If you are going to be there longer than 15 days, I would strongly recommend purchasing a local, prepaid SIM card from either T mobile or Mint Mobile.


The coverage will be way better and the service is way more reliable.


Once you purchase it, you simply slip it in your device and connect to that particular SIM Network and you’re good to go!!!


That is the carrier PM have the contact with to use their tower when you are roaming in the USA.

BTW, you can also use WhatsApp or TextNow through wifi for free calling and texting.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thank you but I am just traveling for a month or so. Why would I need to contact T-Mobile?

Mayor / Maire

Welcome to the messed up messaging of this place. It used to be 10 days. Now it's called 15. But wouldn't you know it, some customers are coming here saying it stopped working at 10 days.

The 3G has to do with talk. Currently, only T-Mobile will allow us to roam. They are also still running their old 2G for talk for some customers and which they let us use. Coverage is less than their more modern 4G/5G.


Re-buying the add-ons is a bit tricky too. Someone here might have the old plan that included roaming if that might interest you. Not sure what their deal is.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@Jlop11 @They did just change the roaming packages to 15 days from 10 thou some have still been having issues . Also when you are in the states you want to be connected to T-Mobile and voice seems to want 2G this is a result of the 3G service service being fazed out as you have already read about . So as a result some places may still be sticky for voice. And remember when you purchase roaming add on it starts immediately after it’s purchased so be sure to only purchase it before heading to the US 

Mayor / Maire


PM recently changed it from 10 days to 15 days as per on your Add-on account.

Once you are in the USA, you will need to connect to T-Mobile. It will be in 2G for talking and text.