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US Canada Plan Questions

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Can I not use pre-authorized payment to pay my bill? Are there activation fees or any other fees before I get the $50 US and Canada plan? I see only residence in Quebec can get this plan. Can residents from Ontario get this plan too?




Mayor / Maire

HI @HowieQ 

you don't need to enable Pre-authorized payment, you can manually pay ahead of the renewal, or you can use voucher to pay

there is no activation fees for PM.  You can use physical sim and it costs $5, or you can setup eSIM for free

the Canada-US plans are open for all provinces

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Hi @HowieQ 

Of course you can set up a credit card for pre payments! I do.  

These are the current plans for Ontario.

There are two plans for Can/US. One is $50 with 40GB and the other is $65 for 50GB but drops to $60 for 50GB if you pay 90 days at a time. So you really have to ask yourself. Is paying $10 for 10GB REALLY worth it? In my opinion, it is not. Keep the $10 or the $120 you'd save in a year and buy some pizza and beers!! 🙂 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen


When you sign up with PM they will automatically put you on a subscription that will pay your bill automatically as long as your payment method isn't expired and as long as you don’t turn the subscription off. 

There isn’t any activation fees other than the cost of a SIM card unless you sign up with a free eSIM (assuming your device supports e-SIM). 

The Canada-US plan is available in Ontario. Make sure on the plan page you are looking at plans for the Ontario region. Everything on this page will be available to you. (The $50 40GB and $65 50GB CAN-US plan are available in Ontario)

Mayor / Maire

@HowieQ  No activation fees and when you activate you need to use the app and when you use a credit card for activation it will automatically sign you up for auto pay . So you don’t have to worry about missing a payment 

add the Quebec plans are for folks in Quebec but there are other CAN /US plans for the rest of the country 

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