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US Calling from Canada

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I would like to be able to call my daughter in Texas from Vancouver, B.C. , where I live.

I added the 15 day US roaming unlimited text and call add on hoping that would work. When I call the US now I get a message from Public Mobile saying " You have used all of your available minutes so the call can not be completed" I havdnt used any minutes and the add on should be unlimited. My account shows the add on is in place and paid for. Im desperate to get this working as my daughter would like to listen in on an appointment I have on Thursday with my Oncologist who will discuss options for my cancer treatment now that the chemo has failed.

I tried also adding the $30 Unlimited US text/call 15 day Roaming plan with 3 g of data but the message is still the same, all available minutes are used up.

Thank you



Mayor / Maire


does daughter have a cellphone ? Both her and you could download the free Whatapp to your phones. Then you'll be able to call & text each other as much as you wish...for free... using your local wifi or data. Did I mention it's free !!

@worntorn1 , another option to buying US long distance minutes is getting a CAN-US plan which provides unlimited calls to the US from Canada and allows unlimited roaming in the US.  When in the US, you can do talk, text and data as if you are in Canada.  


It can be confusing.  You ordered the wrong add on.  You should have ordered the US long distance minutes add on.  

1000 U.S. Long Distance Minutes      $15

You can try to contact customer service agent to correct the issue.  

Submit a ticket via the chat bot:

You purchase the roaming add on.  It is mean for PM customers  who travel into the USA and need phone service. 

Mayor / Maire

Hey @worntorn1 

Unfortunately you've purchased the incorrect addons. Those addons are for when you are in the US, not in Canada.

THIS is the addon you want.

1000 U.S. Long Distance Minutes⁶ $15

Please create a ticket and request a refund to your account.

To Submit a ticket, please click the following link to access the Public Mobile Chatbot:  Type: Customer Service Agent




IMPORTANT INFORMATION: I am not a Public Mobile employee. I am a customer just like you. Please do not send me a private message with your personal information. 

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