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Transfer Number Issue

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I was requesting to transfer my phone number to Public Mobile. I got below message to from 83585: 'A message was sent earlier to authorize the number transfer. We have not received your response. To reinitiate the request, please reply '1' to this text and a NEW message will be sent to authorize the number transfer.'

I never received the message to authorize the number transfer. And after replying '1' to above message, I still didn't receive the authorization message.

What should I do?


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you. I will try tomorrow morning.

That short code does seem to the number this places uses for porting but it's interesting that they would say that. So you typed the 1? Then did you put the old sim back in a phone to see if the text came from the old provider?


yes, you still need to call the porting team to re-trigger the port.  But the team is now closed for the day, please call them tomorrow morning

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you for the reply. It turned out the authentication message was blocked by my phone. And now it has exceed 90 min. Hopefully I will get another authentication message after replying '1'.... Do you know how long it will take to re-initiate the request? Or how to do it if replying '1' doesn't work? 

Mayor / Maire

That sounds troublesome. I've not seen that kind of message here before.
You need to leave the old sim in a phone to confirm the transfer text from the old provider.
How long has it been since you tried to transfer?

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