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Time Zone Discrepancy

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Joined a month ago. Reviewing my usage, noticed that all activity is listed in EST. I am in BC, ( PT ) which is 3 hrs behind. Thanks.


Mayor / Maire


I will add that renewal is at midnight eastern so keep this in mind for the reset of your data and/or minute counters. Your data tracker on your phone will be off by 3 hours it has been suggested by @gpixel4  to avoid the use of mobile data between 9pm pacific and midnight pacific on day 30 of your cycle to keep your data tracker accurate.





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@Hollinger, yes that is how it is shown.  There is one item that shows in your local time just trying to remember as it seemed weird only one thing would do that.


Added: Just checked my usage it is incoming and outgoing calls that show local time but texting shows ET


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Mayor / Maire

@Hollinger  - yes, correct Eastern Time. Same for all of us. Not a setting you can change.

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 @Hollinger : Yup. This place runs on ET. iirc some features, outgoing calls? will show in local time. User @darlicious has a better handle on those details.

Edit: Here it is:


  • Outside of the eastern time zone the time stamp in your daily usage pages can be confusing. All texts are logged in eastern time. Incoming calling redirected to voicemail is also in eastern.
  • Incoming and outgoing calling that is answered are logged in usage at local time.