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Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Looking at the Plans (and Add-ons) page, clicking to expand what they now call the "Top Add-ons" tab ...

The first item on the list is In Canada Data Add-Ons. The line of text immediately below it says "Data add-ons expire 30 days after purchase".

When did this terrible new idea get implemented?

What happens to the many data add-ons attached to my account - a mixture of free/gift, promo, and PAID FOR add-ons which were purchased long before this new 30-day expiry idea even appeared?

(I've purchased a few 1GB data add-ons over the years. I'm not really a mobile data user ... I much prefer a real computer with a real screen and keyboard for internet activity ... but I always make sure there's a few GB of mobile data attached to my account "just in case". It's a convenience thing, nice to be able to pull up a map or directions or price check or whatever. I wonder how many others are like me - and will NOT buy ephemeral add-ons that expire before they can become useful.)


@hairbag1 wrote:


yes "encouraged"...kinda like when Tony Soprano used to "encourage" !!  🤣

Richard Thaler wrote a good book called Nudge that covers the topic of choice architecture.  The new marketing was built around these principles.  

Mayor / Maire

That changed in May of this year, when the website for redesigned, when the app was launched, and when 5G became a thing. It's unfortunate, but it's aligned with the rest.


yes "encouraged"...kinda like when Tony Soprano used to "encourage" !!  🤣

Mayor / Maire


any new data add-ons you purchase have a 30 day life-span. Any add-ons you bought previously and More IS Merrier free data will stay on your account until you use 'em up. Just log in to your account, look to the right for Add-on Usage and you'll see whatever add-ons you have on your account. Any new data add-ons have a 30 day counter.



@Korth_ , I think this coincided with the movement to big gig plans where customers are "encouraged" to buy a plan with enough included data.  

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