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System Error on account log in (Planned Maintenance)

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Ok , I have no issues with planned maintenance.

But just a couple of suggestions for Public Mobile.

Either send out a text message saying you are going into Service. (this didn't happen)

Or turn off all text messages from Public Mobile until  your service is complete.

I just got a text message telling me my auto pay is turned off and I need to have turned it on, for my payment as their is insufficent funds in my account. I have been on auto pay for close to 3 years?

Now I am here trying to figure out what is going on.

If you stopped all messages being people like me would not be panicing.


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


Several years back when there was a massive PM outage on the East coast, a CSA (or moderator, back then) unintentionally noted that they couldn't put up a banner or notice on the Community forum notifying PM customers about the service outage because all official communication must be approved by the Marketing Department in advance, and the Department is closed on the weekend.

The CSA's were essentially powerless to do anything aside from responding to each and every thread about the outage, but at least they were actively monitoring the Community forum back then.

Think about that sequence of decision making for a second - communication related to customer support is under the control of the Marketing Department, even though they should have nothing to do with customer support.


Yes, PM could do much better with its communication to users with minimal effort, but is content with the status quo because it doesn't require extra effort on their part.


They don't even mind if the Community forum gets bogged down by endless threads inquiring about the same issue since most of the support here is provided by other PM users and the Oracles. PM's decision makers can simply stand on the sidelines and watch as the Community forum melts down and just shrug with indifference.

tl;dr: PM could and should have better communication, but actively chooses not to do so until it's too late to make much of a difference.

Mayor / Maire

What they SHOULD do, and never have, is put up a giant, overlaid, obvious, you must read this, you can't miss it, click through it to even get to the login boxes...banner saying that the system is unavailable.

Then we wouldn't see all these endless hey is the system down, hey I can't login, or the support people getting inundated with requests. The messaging around here has never been at all useful.